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The Jeffers Brief 13 June 2019

June 13, 2019 @ 1:54 pm

This episode of The Jeffers Brief talks about:

*FBI/DOJ whistleblowers

*16 Prepper Myths

*The Smith & Wesson 686 .357 Magnum and why you should own one

*This week in the world of the Social Justice Warriors

* Islamic call to prayer in Brooklyn

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Prepping 2.0 Episode 34

June 12, 2019 @ 6:00 am

RELEASE DAY! In Episode 34, we are joined by Officer “Mack,” a law enforcement officer with extensive experience with gangs, who has listened to high-level gang members tell him their plans for the Collapse - you need to know this information.

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Save Our Republic

June 12, 2019 @ 12:38 am

I Have A Plan To Save Our Republic

...and no! it is not illegal, hell you won't even have to make stupid signs or go anywhere far away from home. This is a localized plan and will work, but we will need to get a little organized, but just a little.

This video is on YouTube 

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2 Krazy Guy’s Episode 17 | Grab the best seat on the sinking ship, or fight?

June 10, 2019 @ 1:31 pm

Grab the best seat on the sinking ship, or fight?

We have a choice here, we can continue to rehash to same old talking points and say, ain't it a shame, or we can figure out the problem and fix it.

It seems that most of Americans are looking for the best seats on the ship while the band plays on. Most figure, what the hell!!! might as well grab the most status we can, than realize that we are on the Titanic, and it is sinking.



Prepper Guy

Red State Underground

Contra Radio Network


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The D.O.P.E. Farm Episode 5

June 10, 2019 @ 9:31 am
Cattails: A survival Dinner, A discussion about the book by Jonathan Hollerman, "Survival Theory: A Preparedness Guide", Gear Whores Gear Closet: Yaesu 857D.  
In Episode 5 I am starting a new segment called Weed of the Week!  This will focus on wild edibles and this week we are looking at the Cattail!  
For the main topic I will discuss the book by Jonathan Hollerman, "Survival Theory: A Prepardness Guide"
Finally in the Gear Whores Gear Closet we discuss the Yaesu 857D!

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Prepping 2.0 Episode 33

June 6, 2019 @ 12:32 pm

In Episode 33, we have a special guest: Joe Jaquint of the Patriot Trading Group. He is one of the biggest sellers of gold and silver in the country and the guy Glen and Shelby use for their precious metals. He explains why preppers need at least some gold and silver and how to go about it the practical way. The After Show for Patreon Supporters is a free-wheeling blast. 

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The Jeffers Brief 5 June 2019

June 5, 2019 @ 7:42 pm

This episode I talk about the one member you do NOT want in your group-Prepper or Patriot- and how to spot them.  I speak of the narcissist and the gaslighter. 

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Conservative Underground Muller Retires.

June 3, 2019 @ 9:35 am

Muller retires saying nothing that he didn't already say in his report, yet, the Dems seem to think they have new blood.

Also an indictment on former Obama White House Counsel.

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