Dave Kershner Lightning Round Episode 2

February 26, 2021 @ 6:09 pm

In Episode 2, Dave definitely illustrates why his show is called the "Lightning Round." In this episode, Dave discusses current events surrounding the AG nominations, Apple's most recent act of tom-foolery, sheep-like behavior of the woke mob in corporate America in a "hold my beer" moment, and the left's most recent attempt to strip away your Second Amendment rights (in the name of COViD of course). And because he has undiagnosed un-medicated ADD, Dave then pulls out a story outline he wrote three years before the global pandemic. Which then, of course dovetails into a discussion about his reasoning with certain investment strategies. Because, ya know, those topics are related. Eventually though, he wraps up the show with a brief discussion regarding your electrical options for your off-grid and/or societal collapse planning. So strap in and turn it up because now that the introductions are over with, Dave starts lighting it up!

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