Ep. 163 In a Grid-Down World

July 25, 2016 @ 1:00 am

Tonight I will discuss the above topic.  If there is time I want to talk about "How Close Are We To Civil Unrest or Anarchy?"?  and perhaps, "War Is Coming, The Whole World Knows It Except The People Of The United States"  I do not normally like to talk about these stories because some of them are out of left field.  I also do not like to fear monger, as I think it takes away from the integrity of CRN.  Kirk in Southern California has asked for a show about this subject, So I will indulge him. 

Julie's show, Ladies of the Watch (LOTW) will be taking over the Saturday night slot, and I will move my show to Sunday nights.  Thr Round Table Report (RTR) will remain on Wednesday nights. 

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